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I'm so happy you're here!  What does a health and wellness coach provide you might ask? 
As a coaching professional I provide the right system, support, and accountability needed to learn how to create sustainable habits. Health and wellness is so much more than what you eat and how much you exercise, it is also your thoughts, your sleep patterns, the ingredients in food and personal care products and much more. 

As a coaching professional, I aim to deliver education, and inspiration to people in various stages of life. We will work together to strive for actionable and sustainable habit changes, starting with your mindset and daily habits. Transformation is achievable! Don't let another year go by feeling rundown and putting off the inevitable change in your life!
 Let me help guide you to achieve this breakthrough so you can live the life you were created to live!


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Aimee Perry

" It has been such a transformative time working with Shelby.  I would look forward each week to speaking with her and addressing another topic which would be helping me get to know myself better and work on issues that were holding me back from being my best self.  She was always so patient with me and encouraging me each step of the way. She is just a wonderful listener who is truly invested in you and helping you become your best self. I didn’t know what to expect as I ventured into this process with Shelby but it exceeded any idea of what I thought it might be for me.  It has helped me begin new habits that will sustain me throughout my life, along with an ideology of how to just be kinder to myself and keep pressing forward inch by inch or in leaps and bounds. She went at my pace and truly was a gift! "


Victoria Marcasciano

"These 12-weeks were not what I expected in the most wonderful way. I thought I would simply be coached on how to work out and lose weight to meet my health goals. While I did receive coaching on that, it was so much more. Shelby helped me to see my health in a new light, improve my self-control, and learn how small changes make a big difference. She focused on my individual needs and how I could fit meeting my goals around my lifestyle. Thank you, Shelby!"


Rebekah DeMello

"Shelby was the breath of fresh air my mental and physical health needed. She's incredibly compassionate towards her clients. She genuinely cares and is clearly invested in seeing you reach stability and growth in your physical and mental well-being. She's incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about health, and it shows in the quality of her sessions. 11/10 would recommend." 


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